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Welcome guests, i am Luigi Michael, i am an Italian boy, 32 years old (but i spend the most of my time in baltic countries, Latvia , Lithuania and Estonia).
My favourite team is Juventus from Turin.
This is my little website of my collection of football scarves.

You can find all information about my collection here on this site. If you want to exchange scarves with me, help me to improve my collection, propose to me some scarves or just ask information about scarves, please contact me and i will have pleasure to answer.

I have some scarves available for exchange ( you can find them in exchange list) and i can also find for exchange the most  of scarves in my collection, if you are interested in some of them please ask me,and i will inform you if i can find or no.

I can find many scarves from italian teams and teams from Switzerland, and also teams from baltic countries, Latvia and Lithuania and Iceland.

About Italian / French / Spanish teams and Switzerland teams, the exchange will be normal 1 to 1.

Also about teams from other countries, that i can find, usually the exchange will be 1 to 1,  with some exceptions.

About Lithuanian,Latvian and Iceland teams, the exchange will be only 1 for  2 - 3, it depends from the scarves that you offer, but some exception are possible for rare teams.

I do not collect ultra scarves, but i have some of them for exchange, you can find them in exchange page.

I do not collect pennants, but i have some of them for exchange, you can find them in exchange page.

My contacts are:

Skype: michael84816
Facebook: Luigi Michael Badone 

See you soon, and thank you so much for your visit in my website.


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